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Ten Golden Rules When Working With Interpreters

10 май 2010, Понедельник
  1. Book well ahead. Do not expect an interpreter to be available at a day’s notice. Good interpreters are much in demand.
  2. Brief your interpreter in advance on the subject of the conference.
  3. If your work is of a highly technical nature, brief your interpreter on any specific terms, especially acronyms and abbreviations. A good interpreter can handle any type of meeting provided he or she is properly briefed.
  4. Fully inform your interpreter in advance on what you expect of him or her. Dinner engagements and visiting the theatre may be relaxation for you – but remember, it is extra work for the interpreter.
  5. The interpreter might well be your client's chief point of contact. Make sure you hire a professional.
  6. Interpreters are business travellers too. Be prepared to provide the same standards of travel, hotels and restaurants as you would expect to use yourself.
  7. Interpreters have to concentrate all the time while you have breaks between asking questions and receiving answers. If you feel exhausted after a hard day, imagine how the interpreter must feel.
  8. Be honest about your own language abilities. If you keep interrupting the interpreter, he or she will feel undermined and confused.
  9. If you are not prepared to trust an interpreter with confidential information – don't use one. Your guarantee of strict confidentiality is to hire a member of the professional body.
  10. Don't skimp. Employ the best professional as you would an accountant or legal adviser. It could mean the difference between clinching a successful conference or business contract deal and going home empty handed!
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