25 август 2009, Вторник

C2 - Command And Control

C2-attack - Command And Control-Attack

C2-protect - Command And Control-Protect

C2W - Command And Control Warfare

C2W-I - Command And Control Warfare-Intelligence

C3I - Command, Control, Communications, And Intelligence

C4 - Command, Control, Communications, And Computers

C4FMO - Command, Control, Communications, And Computers For Mobile Operations

C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, And Intelligence

CA - Civil Affairs

CADST - Civil Affairs Direct Support Team

CAP - Crisis Action Planning

CCIR - Commander's Critical Information Requirements

CDAP - Computer Defense Assistance Program

CEOI - Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions

CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team

CG - Commanding General; Contact Group

CI - Counterintelligence

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

CIMIC - Civil Military Cooperation

CINC - Commander-In-Chief

CIOS - Commander's Information Operations Staff

CIOSO - Commander's Information Operations Staff Officer

CIRP - Community Infrastructure Repair Projects

CJCS - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJCSI - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction

CJCS MOP - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum of Policy

CJITF - Combined Joint Information Task Force

CLP - Common License Plate

CMO - Civil-Military Operations

CMOC - Civil-Military Operations Center

CNR - Combat Net Radio

COA - Course Of Action

COE - Common Operating Environment

COMPUSEC - Computer Security

COMSEC - Communications Security

COMSFOR - Commander, Stabilization Force

COMMZ - Communications Zone

CONPLAN - Contingency Plan

CONUS - Continental United States

COP - Chief of Police

CofS - Chief of Staff

COUNTERRECON - Counter-Reconnaissance

CP - Command Post

CPIC - Coalition Press Information Center

CRPC - Commission for Real Property Claims

CSS - Combat Service Support

CTC - Combat Training Center


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