» » Упражнение 5. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о политических событиях в БиГ (продолжение 4)

Упражнение 5. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о политических событиях в БиГ (продолжение 4)

28 сентябрь 2009, Понедельник

  MILOSEVICS TRICK. The BH Republican Party registered itself Friday for the September general elections. Later on, it will make a decision on which parties it will cooperate with.  BH Republican Party President Stjepan Kljuic said at a press conference that his party will continue to support BH Social- democrat President Selim Beslagic and that it will cooperate with all civilian-orientated parties in BH to make an alliance.  FRY President Slobodan Milosevic's request (which has been sent to BH Presidency Chairman Alija lzetbegovic) that BH give up its indictment at the Hague Tribunal against the FRY is not a serious offer because he doesnt directly address the BH state.  In such circumstances, BH shouldnt even try to establish diplomatic relations with FRY.  This is one more of Milosevics tricks.  If such relations were established, that would be the most immoral act of the BH leadership.  The latest social disorders and strikes show that state institutions dont function.'' The Zenica miners' strike shows the BH Federation Government incapability to find the right solution for workers, Kljuic said.  He added that is tragic that the BH Trade Union is working directly against the workers by calling them on strike.

DNEVNI AVAZ Daily Voice, Bosnian national daily from Sarajevo, 15 May 98 THE IC SUPPORTS SDA POLITICS

SDA Vice President Dr. Halid Genjac reminded everyone at Thursdays press conference that complete success was achieved at the 4th Donors Conference in Brussels and evaluated that as an expression of IC support to SDA politics.  He expressed surprise because the opposition media was silent about this success. They hardly paid any attention to this event.  Why?  Because it was a victory for the party in power and a defeat for the opposition.  It is a clear denial of all opposition evaluations that BH has no future because dozens of international officials clearly said that big success has been achieved, Genjac pointed out.

  OBN IS A BH BLACK CHRONICLE. At Thursday's press conference, SDA Vice President Halid Genjac called upon OBN not to broadcast only gloomy news in its program schedule.  As an example, he stated that within one day, topics such as bad living condition of retired people, the hard situation in Gorazde, young people leaving to the US and suicides in BH were broadcast.  He said that OBN is becoming some kind of black chronicle.  Maybe the facts broadcast by OBN are not lies but neither are they the complete truth, because the truth can be only the entire truth.  There are a lot of good and nice things in BH.  However, OBN systematically keeps silent about those good things.  The word "aggression" is prohibited on OBN television.  In that way, those who are not guilty are made out to be guilty, Genjac said.  Genjac claims that a biased opposition political tendency is behind such OBN procedures.

SLOBODNA DALMACIJA Free Dalmatia, Croatian national daily from Split, 14 May 98 CROATS UNWELCOME IN CANTON MUP

President of the HDZ Municipal Board of Vares and Vares Deputy Mayor (Pavao Vidovic) and BH Federation House of People representative (Miroslav Pejcinovic) sent a letter to special UN General Secretary Envoy Elizabeth Rehn, Deputy HR Hans Schumacher, IPTF Commissioner Richard Monk and his deputy Mark Kroeker. In the letter, Vidovic and Pejcinovic protest the lack of Croat representation in the Zenica-Doboj Canton MUP.  Ninety days ago, the distribution of working places was agreed upon.  This concerned the multi-ethnic police establishment  . on municipal levels.  The peoples' names that will perform functions in that ministry were determined as well.  The letter reads that no Croat got a job in the Ministry and 50 Croats remained without jobs by the annulment of parallel institutions.  That all happened thanks to the will of Semsudin Mehmedovic, Zenica-Doboj Canton Minister of Internal Affairs. Due to the will of this minister, 89 Bosniak policemen work illegally in the Vares Police Station. Minister Mehmedovic proclaimed police that have performed their job well in its zone of responsibility so far as "para-formation".  Prolongation of the establishment of the joint police force can cause a change of the situation for the worse.  This especially due to the return of refugees and displaced people.

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