» » Упражнение 5. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о политических событиях в БиГ (продолжение 2)

Упражнение 5. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о политических событиях в БиГ (продолжение 2)

31 август 2009, Понедельник

RADIO BANJA LUKA, NEWS AT 1600 HOURS Republic of Srpska radio station. Received from Brcko OSINT, 15 May 98 RSNA Reactions

The RS National Parliament assessed the reports of BH Presidency member Morncilo Krajisnik, Ministry Council Cochairman Boro Bosic and representatives in the BH Parliamentary Assembly (Momir Tosic and Slobodan Bijelic) as Serb representatives in the work of the BH common institutions at their fifth session.  They assessed these reports as purposeful and expressed expectation that more frequent consultations by them to the Parliament, Government and other RS institutions would contribute to further cooperation and understanding. Such a conclusion was preceded by a several hour discussion. Several reactions came from this discussion:

- SNSD representative Krstan Simic: Mr. Krajisnik mentioned the government again in his report from the SDS aspect.  He said the government was not good and that there were no experts in it. There had been experts in the previous governments. We remember Mr. Ostojic, a lector, then Branko Ostojic and Mr. Kozic. I do not know how he is an expert.

  - RS Minister of Defense Manojlo Milovanovic appeared before the representatives and asked Krajisnik the following: What is the purpose of the mounting or reconstructing (this is a bit crumpled) of the Tourist facility (the former hotel in Pale) ? With whose money is this being done and who is the owner of that facility? We have knowledge that the facility is being prepared for the headquarters for defense against legal authorities. The entire auxiliary personnel of the previous RS Government are in the mentioned facility working on the preparation of it.

  -RS Interior Minister Milovan Stankovic denied some of Krajisniks allegations: The information is not true that 50 DMs are being paid for crossing the border. There were a few cases of attempts to charge people for crossing the border. However, those were small mistakes that were stopped after intervention. Ostoja Knezevic (SNS) stated that there were two concepts of the RS and he was not for the one that was leading the RS into isolation. Svetozar Mihajlovic (SNS) accused Krajisnik of the disunion among the Serb people and proposed Krajisnik to do what he had proposed to the RS Government and that is to resign.  -  Dragan Djuric: I want to tell you to get rid of that relationship that we are obliged to present any reports to you. We are not obliged to do that.

  - Nenad Bastinac (SNSD): A while ago I was angry when they made the decision that you three members of the BH Presidency should be sitting in the Museum. Now I see that this decision was right and it would be good if you stayed there.

  -  Petar Djokic (SPRS) warned Krajisnik that peace was a basic need of all RS citizens.  He called him up to make a turn in his policy and expressed anxiety that it is not possible.

  - Radojica Miadjenovic (SNS) accused the SDS of having a mouth full of Serbhood and nice words and pockets full of money. In his response, Aleksa' Buha (SDS) said such people have gone from the SDS to the SNS.  In his final address to the representatives, Morncilo Krajisnik denied the ruling party representatives' accusations on the criminal activities of the highest functionaries of the previous structures of power. He also interceded for criminal responsibility of all those who committed such deeds.  He called upon the RS Government to undertake such processes on the basis of complete and concrete evidence.  Krajisnik also called for the unity of the Serb people. The Parliament has been in session for three days and representatives have discussed only three items of the agenda. They spent the entire first day establishing the agenda. The continuation of the fifth session has been scheduled for May 20th in Banja Luka.

RADIO BANJA LUKA, NEWS AT 1200 HOURS Republic of Srpska radio station. Received from Doboj OSINT, 15 May 98 Dodik Attends RS Economic Forum in Berlin

Friday in Berlin, an international conference called The Economic Forum of the RS was held.  Prime Minister Dodik led the RS delegation.  The RS Governments Vice-president and Minister of Economy (Banjac) and the Minister for the Refugees and Displaced People (Dragicevic) were also present at this conference. The HR Deputy (Hans Schumacher) also participated in the conferences work.  Also in attendance were the manager of the International Center for Political Migrations from Vienna (Mr. Vicgrant) and other VIPs from German political and economic life.  The meeting was closed to the public and a press conference was held after it was over.  Comments:  The results of the conference were not reported in the Thursday evening news broadcasts.  Events of the meeting will most likely be made public over the weekend.


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