» » Упражнение 5. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о политических событиях в БиГ

Упражнение 5. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о политических событиях в БиГ

02 сентябрь 2009, Среда

RADIO BANJA LUKA, NEWS AT 1000 HOURS Republic of Srpska radio station. Received from Brcko OSINT, 15 May 98 RSNA Finally Ends Friday Morning

After three days of session, the RS National Parliament halted the fifth regular session early Friday morning by taking into their knowledge (as Chairman Kalinic stated) the reports on the Serb representatives' work in the BH common institutions.  After a long discussion about the report by Serb member in the BH Presidency Morncilo Krajisnik, which was vigorous and polemic at moments, it was assessed that such a method of work has been very useful. The need was also expressed that in the future, the representatives in the RS National Parliament should be informed in detail about the activities of the RS representatives in the BH common organs.  Chairman Kalinic, with consent by the Chiefs of the Representatives Clubs, s.cheduled the continuation of the fifth session for Wednesday, May 20, at 1000 in Banja Luka.

BH TV, NEWS AT 0900 HOURS Bosnian television station from Sarajevo, 15 May 98 RSNA Summary

The RS Peoples Assembly session in Banja Luka was stopped at 0200 Friday morning.  Continuation is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th.  Discussion on RS

representative reports concerning BH joint state bodies was completed early Friday morning before the session ended.  Reports were presented by Morncilo Krajisnik (BH presidency member), Boro Bosic (Ministry Council co-chairman), and Momir Tosic and Slobodan Bijelic (representatives in both Houses of State Parliament).  The SDS and SRS had a positive opinion about the reports. Krajisnik's report caused most of the disapproval and severe words.

SERB RADIO DOBOJ, NEWS AT 1100 HOURS Republic of Srpska radio station. Received from Doboj OSINT, 15 May 98 RSNA to continue on May 20th

The RS NA listened to the reports of the RS representatives within the common institutions of BH.  It judged this as useful, expressing its expectation that their continuous consultations with the assembly, government and other RS institutions will contribute to better cooperation and understanding. This conclusion, which was accepted by all members of the Serb Parliament, finished the discussion on the third agenda item. This discussion was especially marked by numerous speeches of the leading parties envoys, which had a lot of remarks on the report of the RS representative within the common institutions (especially the Serb member of the BH Presidency, Krajisnik).  RS Parliament President Kalinic agreed with the envoy club chiefs on the appointment of the fifth RS NA session on Wednesday, May 20th at 1000 in Banja Luka. The envoys should discuss the implementation and control of the elections in the RS and BH, which were scheduled for September 12th and 13th. The Assemblys discussion about more legal acts included in the framework of the law suggestion was sent to the Serb Parliament envoys to decide whether theyll accept them or not.


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