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Упражнение 3. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о происшествиях в зоне ответственности СФОР

RADIO BANJA LUKA, NEWS AT 1600 HOURS Republic of Srpska radio station. Received from Brcko OSINT, 15 May 98 SFOR Captain Speaks Out on Searches

SFOR and IPTF forces continued Friday their inspection in Pale. Italian Brigade Spokesperson Captain Christian Deciggi told Serb Radio that SFOR executed on Friday a repeated inspection of the Famos Factory where once there were premises for former RS President Dr. Radovan Karadzic.  Deciggi stressed that  nothing unusual was found during the two-day action.  He went on to say that the action would go on on Saturday and expressed satisfaction with the fact that the action was going on peacefully and without any incidents whatsoever. According to the spokesperson, the action will end Saturday and SFOR and the IPTF will resume their regular controls.  Thursday and Friday (in the action of the control of police forces), SFOR used around 40 tanks and APCs.

RADIO BANJA LUKA, NEWS AT 1200 HOURS Republic of Srpska radio station. Received from Brcko OSINT, 15 May 98 Kaiinic Questions SFOR Searches

 RS National Parliament Chairman Dragan Kaiinic required BH HR Carlos Westendorp to urgently learn and announce the real truth about Thursday's inspections that SFOR members conducted in top state institutions in Pale. In a letter sent to Westendorp, Kaiinic reminded him that SFOR concentrated its vehicles near the Parliament building and some of its soldiers entered the his official premises as well as those of Kaiinic.  They then demanded to execute search and control of those premises. You and your associates, nor any other international representative during my mandate, have allowed themselves such a kind of inappropriate gesture, Kaiinic warned.  He added "Since both the OSCE and the Office of the High Representative have recognized the legality and legitimacy of the new RS Parliament, I exclusively demand you to protect this high Home in the future from such incidents and similar humiliations by international military and police forces." Chairman Kaiinic qualified Thursday's event as an "unallowable provocation that counted for a different kind of pressures towards the RS national representatives in the moment of discussion about very difficult and delicate political issues".  According to Kalinics words, the mentioned event has a special weight because it took place during his absence from Pale.

OSLOBODJENJE Liberation, Bosnian national daily from Sarajevo, 15 May 98 IPTF DENIES SRNA

IPTF Spokesman Alun Roberts denied the SRNA report about events that took place on May 9th this year in the Sanica Village near Sanski Most during visit of displaced people to their homes.  Roberts said that it is not true that 70 Bosniaks attacked the bus carrying 40 Serbs and that it was completely destroyed.  It is true that one group of Bosniaks in the same village waited for a bus filled with Serbs and stoned them.  However, the incident ended with no serious injuries.  Roberts added that the BH Federation police provided a new bus and prevented an obstruction of this visit.  Zenica-Doboj Canton MUP Minister Resigns

The miners from Zenica will likely be at their work places Friday and, by being present, avoid a strike.  That is a re'sult of a meeting between BH Presidency chairman Alija lzetbegovic and BH Trade Union President Sulejman Hrle.  Due to events that took place on Wednesday in Zenica, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Zenica-Doboj Canton, Semsudin Mehmedovic, resigned.  On Thursday around 1500, Hrle addressed the miners who were on strike and informed them about the results of his talk with lzetbegovic.  The Trade Union of BH Coal Mines also issued an announcement regarding these events. The statement says that maximum effort is being put forth to find adequate solutions for the miners' numerous problems.

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