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Упражнение 2. Сделайте реферативный перевод с английского языка на русский текстов сообщений СМИ о проблемах возвращения беженцев в зоне ответственности МНД(С)

RADIO BANJA LUKA, NEWS AT 1600 HOURS Republic of Srpska radio station. Received from Brcko OSINT, 15 May 98 CJB Can't Guarantee Refugee Safety

The Doboj Center of Public Security (CJB) announced Friday that it could not [guarantee safety to Muslim returnees who have announced reiterated settling of ithe Svjetlica Village near Doboj on Saturday.  This is due to the fact that the announced process has not gone through the refugee return procedure. The announcement reads that such an estimation was presented at an official meeting ibetween the CJB Chief and SFOR Commander in BH, American General Eric Shinseki.

OSLOBODJENJE Liberation, Bosnian national daily from Sarajevo, 15 May 98 RETURN OF 200 BOSNIAKS STARTS SATURDAY

General Erik Shinseki, the Supreme Commander for International Police in BH, visited the Nord- Pol Brigade Base Camp in Doboj. There he met with that SFOR       unit's commander (General Carry Rimpey), the mayors of Doboj South and Doboj East, and the mayor of Doboj in the RS.  They discussed the return of 200 Bosniaks to the Svjetlica Village, which is on the east side of Doboj.  That return is supposed to begin on Saturday.  Major Sjak Haaheim, Nord-Pol Brigade Spokesman, warned the public that SFOR will use all available means given by the Dayton Agreement to make return possible.  Haaheim also said that local RS MUP policemen are in charge of ensuring public peace and order.  They should provide (together with the Doboj authorities) an undisturbed return of Bosniaks to this village, which is located in the ZOS.  Local politicians in this part of Bosnia evaluated Shinseki's visit to Doboj as IC decisiveness to persist on refugee return action in 1998, a year procigimed as the "year of refugee return".

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