» » Упражнение 4. Переведите письменно с английского на русский язык 3-й пункт боевого приказа

Упражнение 4. Переведите письменно с английского на русский язык 3-й пункт боевого приказа

16 сентябрь 2009, Среда


(U) Intent. We will strongly support and proactively assist the Entities in their plannin" and coordination for OPERATION PEGASUS HARVEST 99.

We will accomplish this by developing an intense and proactive information operations (10) campaign plan. initiated 1 March 1999 to inform citizens across our AOR of OPERATION PEGASUS HARVEST 99. We will also participate in local-level planning sessions with the EAF, CPF. police and civil authorities (as appropriate) to develop workable plans for the execution of the operation. This will require our Brigade and lower assets to conduct

considerable liaison, reconnaissance, and planning with local officials and the EAF in their sector.

Additionally. MND(N) soldiers will collect weapons and small arms ammunition if offered by citizens. SFOR soldiers will report ordnance per current procedures. EOD will assist in the destruction or recovery of these type items. We will also respond to requests for support from the EAF, CPF, police or other civil authorities in the recovery, transport and destruction of weapons, mines, explosives and ordnance to ensure the safe and timely destruction of these dangerous items.

Success in this operation is dependent on three events:

1. First, all citizens are aware of the program and the different methods in which to turn over items;

2. Second, assisting the entities at the local level in developing viable plans for the execution of harvest;

3. Third, the safe collection, accountability, and removal from permanent circulation of all items reported and turned over to the entities and SFOR.

  1. (U) Concept of the Operation. The operation will be led and implemented by the Entities. MND(N) will take a proactive role to assist during all phases of the operation to ensure it's success. OPERATION PEGASUS HARVEST 99 will be executed in four phases. These phases are not distinct and will overlap:
  2. (1) (U) Phase 1 MND(N)-level Preparation. This phase begins immediately to secure the commitment of Entity key leaders in MND(N) AOR and to develop an overall concept for the operation, to assist the local civilian, government and police officials, EAF leaders and MND(N) brigades in their planning. MND(N) will also prepare an 10 campaign during this phase.

(2) (U) Phase 2 Local Planning and Preparation. This phase is to be conducted by the Entities with the support of the MND(N) brigades in the towns / Opstinas / cantons within their area of operations. It will involve considerable liaison, reconnaissance, and planning with local

civil authorities and the EAF. Where possible and appropriate, brigades will seek support from influential local people and establish local working groups to develop their plans.

(3) (U) Phase 3 Implementation, 'the implementation phase will begin with an MND(N) 10 campaign and national-level media campaign, commencing 2 weeks before the start of the collection period. The collection may be conducted by focusing entity and SFOR efforts and assets across the entities' areas of responsibility into an area designated as the priority of collection area for the period. If this technique is used, the priority of collection area should shift from town/opstina/canton level throughout the AOR, starting with the most supportive areas to build momentum and provide material for the 10 campaign to cover all areas throughout MND(N) AOR. Brigades will work with local authorities to plan and coordinate execution timelines related to the towns/Opstinas/cantons within their AORs and will provide maximum support to these areas when they are the focus of the collection effort.

The EAF and local police will collect, register and remove from circulation surrendered weapons with MND(N) brigades monitoring and providing assistance as requested. Local police may initially accept a turned-in weapon but may not keep it. Weapons turned in to the police must either be handed over to SFOR or the EAF for final disposition. Brigade should ensure the plans in their AOR include a method to remove and transport these weapons from the police stations to designated collection or destruction sites at least weekly. (This should be done by the FAF with SFOR monitoring and providing support if requested.) COMSFOR has agreed to the registration and long-term storage of weapons collected in EAF WSSs as a means to remove weapons from circulation.

Mines explosives and ordnance will be reported to appropriate entity organizations who will log them in. the CPF will have the primary responsibility for the collection and disposal of mines, explosives and ordnance with brigades monitoring and MND(N) EOD providing assistance as specifically requested. The intent is for the mines, explosives and ordnance to be reported and logged, not turned in to collection points. Mines, explosives and ordnance will either be destroyed in place by the CPF, if the situation permits, or collected later as time and assets permit. If they are not destroyed in place, they must be moved as soon as possible to designated storage sites where they will be stored until they can be safely destroyed.

The MND(N) 10 campaign during this period will be locally focused, shifting from the tovvns/Opslinas/cantons designated as the priority of collection, in coordination with the collection program developed by the entities and brigades. It is important that the campaign make the distinction between procedures for the collection of weapons versus the reporting of mines, explosives and ordnance.

Additionally. MND(N) soldiers throughout the MND(N) AOR. when presented a weapon and /or small arms ammunition by a citizen, during OPERATION PEGASUS HARVEST 99. will collect and transport these type items to a SFOR installation for destruction. If SFOR soldiers are presented with ordnance, the citizen should be directed to carefully place the item on the ground. Soldiers will then mark and notify SFOR EOD per current procedures (ANNEX F -Engineer). SFOR soldiers should never accept or handle mines, explosives or ordnance by themselves.

(4) (U) Phase 4 Follow Up Action. Regardless of the success of the operation, the MND(N) overall and local level information operations campaigns will remain upbeal and positive to reinforce the confidence in the peace process and to condition the population for possible similar initiatives in the future. All weapons collected during OPERATION PEGASUS HARVEST 99. bv either the entity or SFOR, will be properly accounted for and added to EAF WSS inventories or destroyed NET 1 June 1999. All mines, explosives and ordnance reported

will be monitored to ensure the safe and timely destruction. All these items temporarily stored in EAF WSSs will be destroyed NLT 1 June 1999. At the end of the Amnesty period, the continued voluntary surrender of weapons, and the reporting of mines, explosives and ordnance will still be strongly encouraged.

b. (U) '1 asks to Maneuver Units: US BDE, NORDPOE BDE, Russian Separate Airborne Brigade, and Turkish BDE.

(1) (LI) Secure the commitment of local government and police officials and EAF commanders and leaders in your AOR for OPERATION PEGASUS HARVEST 99.

(2) (U) Conduct detailed planning and coordination with local government officials. CPFs, police officials and EAF in your AOR to develop workable local timetables and programs for management, conduct and control of a successful Harvest program.

(3) (U) Together with the IPTF, conduct visible, but non-oppressive, monitoring of EAF/ Eocal Police /CPF collection, registration, and disposal procedures during OPERATION PEGASUS HARVEST 99. This is imperative in areas where clear indications for possible criminal involvement have been identified (for example Teslic).

(4) (U) Be prepared to collect and transport weapons and/or small arms to a SFOR installation and destroy,

(5) (U) Inform soldiers if they are presented with ordnance to direct the citizen to carefully place the item on the ground. Soldiers should then mark and notify appropriate EOD representatives per current procedures


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