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Упражнение 1. Прочтите и переведите текст. Выпишите незнакомые слова и аббревиатуры и найдите в словаре их русские эквиваленты.

The International Organizations (I0s) operating in MND(N)'s AOR are SFOR's civil partners. Many 10s have operated in the AOR since long before IFOR, so their experience and knowledge of civil conditions and aspirations is invaluable to our civil-military operations. SFOR is responsible for providing a secure and stable environment in which civilian agencies operating under the GFAP can accomplish their mission.

 The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) investigates war crimes in the Former Yugoslavia.ICTY has a headquarters in Sarajevo, and an LNO cell in HQ SFOR.  A 9 May 1996 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SHAPE and the ICTY controls ICTY/SFOR, and all requests for routine assistance come through HQ SFOR.

  The Office of the High Representative (OHR) was appointed by the United Nations Security Council, at the request of the Parties to the GFAP, to oversee the civilian implementation of the GFAP. The OHR coordinates the activities of all organizations and agencies involved in the civilian aspects of the GFAP. The OHR provides general guidance to the Parties about implementation of the peace settlement.

The International Police Task Force (IPTF) is a United Nations-established and sponsored police monitoring organization. It comprises active and retired police officers recruited by their national governments. Under the ROE, IPTF personnel are friendly forces. Annex 11 of the GFAP establishes IPTF responsibility for monitoring, observing, and inspecting law enforcement activities and facilities, including associated judicial organizations, structures, and proceedings.

The United Nations Civil Affairs (UNCA) organization is a UN agency composed of professional diplomats. Among other activities, the UNCA monitors election activity.

 The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is committed to supporting the implementation of human rights, fundamental freedoms, democracy, and the rule of law. Its Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights is active in monitoring elections, assisting in drafting of constitutions and laws, and promoting the development of civil societies.

The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) mission in BiH is to provide protection and emergency assistance to displaced persons and refugees (DPREs). During the BiH elections, UNHCR monitors freedom of movement for DPREs.

Recently the mission of the UNHCR has been expanded to include the organization and execution of Regional Joint Civilian Commission Working Groups (RJCCWG).

The European Community Monitoring Mission (ECMM) does not have a specific mandate, but operates under a series of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with its receiving states. ECMM personnel monitor and report political, military, human rights, humanitarian and economic situations in the Entities and are also able to mediate between them when appropriate.


Упражнение 2. Переведите на английский и русский языки соответственно: международные организации, действующие в ЗО МНД(С); SFOR is responsible for providing a secure and stable environment; Офис Высокого представителя ООН координирует работу всех организаций; to support the implementation of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy; Меморандум о взаимопонимании между ВГК НАТО и Международным трибуналом в Гааге.


Упражнение 3. Расшифруйте по-английски и переведите на русский язык следующие аббревиатуры: GFAP; FBiH; RS; DPREs; PIFWCs; IFOR; SFOR; ZOS; UNHCR; SACEUR; COMSFOR; MSC; CG MND(N); AVN BDE; NORDPOL BDE; JMC; T&E; CMH; ITP; WSS; CM Op; SFOR HQ; LNO; PlFWCs; ICTY; Ops; I0s; MOU; OHR; IPTF; UNCA; OSCE; RJCCWG; ECMM.

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